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Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Smarter Project-Based Work for a More Complex World

Today’s business environment is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). As projects have become the means by which all work gets done, the leaders driving this project-based work have become an organisation’s most valuable asset. The techniques and skills that have traditionally worked for getting project-based work done are evolving as leaders at every level are forced to become more responsive, resilient, and adaptive. Organisations must consistently balance the need to meet strategic goals while also equipping their talent to adapt to and grow with changing needs.

Our approach and solution: The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

Our Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme, established in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, is our solution to the evolving challenges of getting work done. It focuses on developing leaders of project-based work as they navigate unanticipated market shifts and unpredictable industry disruptions.
The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme empowers leaders to navigate the three domains that influence and define how work gets done: Strategy, Work, and People. Learning to harness these domains allows organisations to maximise agility in strategic execution, which not only improves their results, but also enables them to thrive in the face of competition.

Aligning Work with Strategy*

Aligning Work with Strategy sensitises participants to the mindset necessary to think and act strategically as they lead and execute work in their organisations. Attendees focus on the mutually supportive skills of translating the larger organisational strategy to their own work and architecting their own strategies for executing this work. Additionally, participants learn the importance of having a strategic frame of reference that maintains alignment of strategy with the critical domains of work and people to enable effective execution.
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Influencing without Authority

Influencing Without Authority equips participants with the skills needed to build credibility and effectively influence stakeholders, even if they lack the formal authority to make demands on resources. This course helps attendees understand the attitudes and behaviours of leaders who know how to get work done through influence and persuasion whether managing up, down, across, or diagonally within organisations.
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Making Sense of Complexity*

Making Sense of Complexity is the foundational course of the curriculum. It demonstrates how the internal and external contexts in which we work have become more complex and provides models, tools, and practice that help participants recognise and manage the forces that create this complexity. The course explores the mindsets and skill sets that leaders of project-based work must.
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Design Thinking for Results

Design Thinking for Results engages participants to apply design thinking skills and tools to drive results within an organisation. Participants will learn how to accelerate innovation and address complex challenges by applying design thinking to products, processes, and services.
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Building Effective Teams

Building Effective Teams focuses on how to implement practices for leading highly effective teams in unstable and often distributed situations. Participants will learn how to build, coach, and lead diverse and distributed teams that are high performing, resilient, and responsive to complex work and volatile contexts.
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Delivering Business Value

Delivering Business Value provides an overview of the financial and business acumen and analysis skills needed to ensure that project-based work results in true value for the business. Not only do participants gain insight and skill in financial planning while leading project-based work, but also, they learn how to make smarter financial decisions that lead to improved business outcomes.
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Driving and Influencing Change

Driving and Influencing Change explores the attitudes, behaviours, and skills that leaders require to help organisations develop the capabilities to navigate the uncertainty caused by complex environments. Participants learn the science behind how individuals respond to change, and receive tools to reduce resistance and increase engagement in a change process.
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Managing Critical Relationships

Managing Critical Relationships teaches participants how to work with internal and external stakeholders to achieve the most optimal outcomes. It focuses on diagnosing stakeholders and their behaviors, overcoming obstacles and conflict in relationships, negotiating for beneficial outcomes, and applying techniques for maintaining resilient relationships in the face of uncertainty.
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