Building Effective Teams

Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

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Course Synopsis

Building Effective Teams focuses on how to implement practices for leading highly effective teams in unstable and often distributed environments. Participants will learn how to build and guide diverse teams that can navigate the impacts of external and internal forces and how to form, coach, and lead teams who are resilient and responsive to complex work and volatile contexts.

The course begins with an exercise that reinforces the difficulties we encounter when working in teams. Participants are then introduced to the Building Effective Teams model which underpins and organises the rest of the course. Next, the course explores the external environment, context and culture that all teams operate in and that always surrounds and affects team functioning. We move to a discussion of what makes "real" teams highly effective and distinguishes them from working groups. After this, the course covers a number of factors that drive highly effective teams, including direction, structure, relationships, leadership, and self-governance. All along the way, teams explore how these factors work in the complex and unpredictable contexts we work in today. Additionally, in each module, participants think about how to apply what they are learning to an actual team they work on or lead in their own work context.

Course Topics

Focusing on Teams

Context and Culture Definition of Context and Culture

Team Performance






Course information

Professional Development Units (PDUs): 21.0

Technical Project Management (PDUs): 0

Leadership (PDUs): 17

Strategic & Business Management (PDUs): 4

Duration: 3 days

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