Training Solutions


The opportunities and challenges you face are unique. Your consulting experience with Strategy Execution will be too. Understanding every facet of your organisation’s capabilities is the starting point to realising and sustaining maximum performance improvement, so we listen harder and dig deeper to help you achieve lasting organisational change.

Whether you seek to identify your strengths or develop greater organisational skills and maturity, Strategy Execution’s integrated advisory approach focuses on optimising the performance of people, structures, processes and tools that are essential to success. Your customised solutions will be designed to yield the biggest impact with the most value—and your results will be quantifiable, so you can track progress as your objectives continue to be met and evolve.


Mapping an effective performance improvement plan to reach your goals requires a thorough understanding of how your organisation functions at every level. By evaluating and benchmarking current capabilities and performance levels, Strategy Execution can isolate and address the skills, application and management gaps that hinder performance and prevent you from reaching goals as quickly as you’d like. Our in-depth assessments examine all aspects of your organisation on three key dimensions—people, processes and tools—to identify which specific change mechanisms can be activated to achieve business objectives.

Our assessment services include:

  • PMAppraise: A Knowledge Assessment®
  • BAAppraise: A Knowledge Appraisal®
  • PM360: A PM Competency Assessment™
  • MyESI
  • Agile Knowledge and Practices Assessment
  • PM Knowledge & Practices Survey
  • BA Knowledge & Practices Survey
  • High Performer PM360
  • Senior Stakeholder Impact Survey
  • ProjectFRAMEWORK™ Assessments

Centres of Excellence

In order to maximise efficiency and performance, all strategic and structural components of your organisation must be in alignment. Even in the highest functioning operations, there can be gaps in composition that have a ripple effect on overall performance.  Creating or honing Centres of Excellence within your organisation—the collaborative thought leadership, governance structures, methodologies and tools that uphold best practices and support continuous improvement—enables the highest quality output and maximum achievement of goals.

Strategy Execution consultants will first identify any breaches within your organisation and then tailor a solution to address any issues, leverage your assets and achieve organisational alignment.

 Strategy Execution helps you to build Centres of Excellence through: