Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Business Analysis Courses

You will learn to:

  • Describe the discipline of business analysis
  • Explain major functions in the scope of business analysis:
    • Defining business needs
    • Requirements management
    • Benefits management
    • Enterprise analysis
  • Describe how business analysis can contribute to your organisation and your individual work and responsibilities

Course Synopsis

Many people are unaware of the discipline of business analysis; many people become business analysts or begin doing business analysis almost by accident, and have never thought of it as a disciplined set of knowledge, skills and techniques. And managers and SMEs who work with those accidental BAs often have no idea that there is a discipline, or that it can provide so much value to work regardless of title.
Fundamentals of Business Analysis addresses the entire scope of business analysis: before, during and after a solution to a business problem is implemented, and also includes enterprise business analysis. It is an broad and shallow overview to allow an understanding of the value that business analysis delivers in terms of executing strategy – both doing the right work and doing the right work right.
This foundational course looks at the whole organisation and how business analysis is applied in articulating and prioritising business needs, identifying and assessing solution options, making recommendations, defining solution scope, requirements management within a project, supporting a solution once it is in place, making sure the business objectives are met and continuously improving the solution to increase its business value.
Managers, business subject matter experts, developers, project managers, junior business analysts, and anyone else who is responsible for delivering value through project- and program-based work might be interested in taking this course.
  • Understand what is necessary to transition to new solutions
  • Measure benefits
  • Evaluate solution performance against intended benefits
  • Establish continuous improvement of solutions and make improvement recommendations
  • Manage the human factors of organisational change that accompany solutions
This course can help anyone with an interest in understanding the myriad components involved with the management and realisation of the benefits of a solution of any level of complexity. This topic is an area in which roles are generally undefined and this course is for any person(s) concerned with being able to deliver and improve upon solutions that provide true business value.

Course Topics

The Basics of Business Analysis
  • What is business analysis?
  • Who does business analysis?
  • Scope of business analysis
  • Contexts for business analysis
  • Asking the right questions: Who, what, where, when why and how?
  • It’s more than just requirements: Business analysis information
  • Modeling
  • Requirements classification and traceability
Defining the Business Need
  • Types of business needs
  • Writing effective goals and objectives
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Current and future state analysis
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Business risk
  • Alternatives assessment
  • Business cases
  • Solution scope recommendation
Requirements Management
  • Business analysis planning
  • The BA approach
  • Elicitation techniques and challenges
  • Communicating requirements with models
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Traceability
  • Supporting testing and implementation
Benefits Management
  • Goals of benefits management
  • Benefits and value
  • The benefits management lifecycle
  • Solution evaluation and refinement
  • Organisational change management
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Process analysis and design
Enterprise Analysis
  • The business ecosystem
  • Enterprise analysis models
  • Customer value analysis
  • Strategy mapping
  • Organisation mapping
  • Business capabilities
  • Value streams
  • Selecting a portfolio of projects
  • Business architecture

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Open enrolment course information

Professional Development Units (PDUs): 15.00

Technical Project Management (PDUs): 6

Leadership (PDUs): 0

Strategic & Business Management (PDUs): 9

Duration: 2 days

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