Taking Charge of Organisational Change

Business Skills Courses

You will learn to:

  • Become a change agent
  • Leverage organisational change for positive outcomes
  • Help others deal with change
  • Create a business case for an organisational change
  • Consider other perspectives that impact change initiatives
  • Apply a framework to plan and lead organisational change

Course Synopsis

Are you experiencing anxiety or uncertainty stemming from a merger, acquisition, outsourcing, plant or base closure, staffing change or some other organisation change? Too often, change ini­tiatives fail because of poor planning, resistance to change, and lack of vision and communication. With constant change occurring in most organisations, a better understanding of how organisational changes come about, how they are planned, and the challenges inherent in the change process will facilitate smoother transitions and organisational effectiveness.
This extremely interactive course provides an overarching approach for making change happen in organisations and helps participants embrace a mindset that welcomes organisational change. This course addresses how to assess whether change is necessary, as well as what needs to be changed and how to build a business case for a change. Based on that, you will explore how to develop and articulate a compelling vision and strategy for change.
The course will teach you how to engage support for change from stakeholders, as well as how to develop a successful communica­tion plan that is key to any successful change initiative. Particular emphasis is placed on the emotional reactions to change and how to help people support change.
During class, you will work through real-life change scenarios and have the opportunity to plan for change and understand the impact of change from multiple perspectives. You will gain a better understanding of how you personally handle change and use strat­egies and tips to help others cope with change. You will come away from the course able to apply the framework, tools and approaches for leveraging the inevitable change that occurs every day in today’s business environment.

Course Topics

Change Defined
  • The Mindset Model
  • Effects of change
  • Resistance to change
  • Core values inventory
  • Framework for change
Being a Change Agent
  • Assessing personal strengths
  • Identifying personal barriers
  • Being inspired by change
Need for Change
  • “As is” and “to be” gap analysis
  • Deciding what needs to change
  • Developing a business case for change
  • Prioritising changes
Organisational Readiness
  • Engaging support
  • Articulating a compelling vision
  • Gaining sponsorship
  • Assessing stakeholders
  • Identifying key roles and responsibilities
  • Process and plan a case for change
Planning for Change
  • Creating the change team
  • Communication plan
  • Strategy for change
  • Measures and milestones
  • Articulating the case for change
Implementing Change
  • Changing business process
  • Coaching and supporting the transition
  • Helping others transition
  • Preparing an implementation plan
  • Sustaining organisational change
  • Implementing the case for change

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Open enrolment course information

Professional Development Units (PDUs): 22.5

Technical Project Management (PDUs): 12.50

Leadership (PDUs): 0.00

Strategic & Business Management (PDUs): 10.00

Duration: 3 days

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