Design Thinking for Results

Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme

You will learn to:

Course Synopsis

Design Thinking for Results engages participants in a discussion about an iterative design process which bridges imagination and implementation to help organisations rapidly and incrementally address complex challenges, create value, and grow. Participants will explore the need for customer-focused thinking and learn that not all innovation involves product innovation. They will experience the value that innovating around processes and services can bring to an organisation and discover how to implement a test-and learn mentality that captures more value for the organisation more quickly.

This course is a highly interactive experiential workshop. Participants will learn about a real-life business need, then engage in a design-thinking process that asks them to change their thinking about the problem, make sense of the model for capturing value from their ideas, prototype their ideas, and develop a plan for rapidly testing and evolving the solution. They will engage with and provide feedback to their fellow participants, reinforcing the notion of iteration and feedback throughout the process. Along the way, they will learn about different types of innovation that organisations benefit from in the modern business context and how to develop responsive and flexible business models for implementation.

Course Topics

The Design-Thinking Process

Perceiving - Reframing What You See

Sensemaking - Ideating and Innovating

Sensemaking - Building the Business Model

Choreography - Informing and Improving the Offering

Course information

Professional Development Units (PDUs): 21.0

Technical Project Management (PDUs): 0

Leadership (PDUs): 21

Strategic & Business Management (PDUs): 0

Duration: 3 days

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