IMPACT Model: Measuring Current Levels of Performance

Assess: Defining where you are and where you want to go

Assessments provide the tangible data and benchmarks that allow Strategy Execution to develop learning solutions that are fully aligned with your needs. These benchmarks also provide the basis for setting defined improvement targets, for validating the effectiveness of the learning programme, and for measuring the impact of that programme on behaviours in the workplace.

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Individual Assessments

By assessing individual competencies, you can more effectively target your organisation's performance improvement efforts, set learning benchmarks to measure success and determine areas in which learning reinforcement is necessary.

Knowledge Assessment

Measure your team's knowledge and skill levels to find out where strengths and opportunities lie. Strategy Execution offers two comprehensive, easy-to-use, online assessment tools covering project management and business analysis.  After completion, a comprehensive report provides an overall picture of individuals and the group as a whole. Choose from:

  • PMAppraise: A Knowledge Assessment®
    Measures knowledge of project management best practice, as defined by the PM Competency Model.
  • BAAppraise: A Knowledge Appraisal®
    Measures knowledge of the eight competency areas as defined by the BA Competency Model.
  • PM360: A PM Competency Assessment™
    Based on Strategy Execution's Project Manager Competency Model PM360™ is a tool that helps clients measure and benchmark soft skills competencies and behaviours in their project managers from a true 360 perspective. An individual’s own “self rating”, against the 6 Competency Areas and 40 individual behaviours, is reflected against, and compared with, how key internal stakeholder groups perceive those same behaviours in terms of their importance and their application.

Pre- and Post-Training Assessments

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Before they ever step foot in the classroom or begin an online course, students can answer pre-course review questions and complete course specific knowledge assessments to help them prepare for their course. After the course is complete, post-course assessments can be taken again and again for up to five years to continually measure their skill improvement. The post-course assessments link our students directly to targeted review content, which allows them to fill specific knowledge gaps and reinforce knowledge.

Organisational Assessments

By assessing organisational performance, organisational maturity, learning effectiveness, and other key performance improvement elements, you can gain insight into the effectiveness of current processes and systems, the degree to which staff adhere to corporate frameworks and methodologies in the practical deployment of their projects. Also covered are the potential barriers to success that may stem from current organisational attitudes towards the role, value and function of project management.

Strategy Execution offers a range of assessment options to help you benchmark your organisation’s current state.

Web-based Assessments

These easy to administer Web-based assessments allow you to identify organisational trends and key workplace indicators and provide the benchmarks against which performance improvements, and associated targets, can be planned, tracked and measured.

  • Agile Knowledge and Practices Assessment
    Strategy Execution's new Agile-specific assessment is designed to allow organisations to benchmark their current Agile knowledge and behaviours against the capabilities that enable successful execution of Agile projects. This assessment will allow organisations to clearly identify potential skill gaps as it relates to Agile. The assessment results will enable training and PMO leaders to focus learning investments toward areas that can directly enhance the skills and competencies of their Agile practitioners.

    Available as a stand-alone offering or combined with Strategy Execution's Agile Practitioner curriculum, the Agile Knowledge and Practices Assessment includes 64 questions that address three dimensions of Agile project manager performance:

    • Knowledge-based questions: Does the individual understand the key Agile tenants.
    • Behaviour-based questions: To what degree are Agile practices being performed.
    • Empowerment and support focused questions: Understanding the work environment and how to enhance it for peak Agile performance.
  • PM Knowledge & Practices Survey
    This easy to administer Web-based survey is baselined against Levels 2 and 3 of Strategy Execution’s Project Management Maturity model ProjectFRAMEWORK™. The survey is designed to measure an organisation’s “AS-IS” state, in terms of the project management practices that currently exist, the extent to which those practices are being deployed and used consistently by the groups being surveyed, and how that deployment relates to their knowledge of “best practice” in the same areas.

    Comparative analysis of the survey data provides evidence of good, consistent practices, and also highlights areas where further investigation, or specific interventions, may be required to improve practices and elevate performance.
  • BA Knowledge & Practices Survey
    The purpose of this easy to administer Web-based survey is to generate data on a client’s current Business Analysis (BA) working practices, and related BA performance, across the full requirements lifecycle. The survey, which is IIBA-aligned, is designed to measure:

    • The BA practices that currently exist.
    • The extent to which those practices are being deployed and used consistently by the groups being surveyed.
    • How that current deployment relates to their knowledge of “best practice” in the same area.
    • Analysis of the survey data provides evidence of good, consistent practice, and also highlights areas where further investigation, or specific interventions, may be required to improve practices and elevate performance.
  • High Performer PM360
    Most organisations talk about wanting to “raise the bar” in terms of their Project Management performance, but very few seem to know where their own bar is currently set, particularly as it relates to the application and impact of “soft skills”.

    Strategy Execution believes that the key to unlocking such data, and establishing the required benchmarks, sits with the perceived “high performers” in your current PM organisation. Working with a group of your nominated “high performers”, Strategy Execution uses its Project Manager Competency Model and PM360 assessment tool to help put hard measures around the perceived value, and observed impact, of specific soft skill behaviours of your key stakeholder groups, and their views on what constitutes project “success” for the current organisation.

  • Senior Stakeholder Impact Survey
    This short (10-minute) survey was developed to support clients who wished to gauge how the (current) application of project management soft skills and behaviours were perceived and felt by Senior Stakeholder groups.

    The survey employs a subset of PM360™ questions which the Stakeholders rate for Importance and Application. The results from the survey not only provide powerful insights into the current views, attitudes and (relationship) expectations of the Senior Stakeholder community, but also help to determine/validate the focus for the soft skills elements in any Strategy Execution Learning Programme.

Organisational Maturity Assessments

  • ProjectFRAMEWORK™ Assessments
    ProjectFRAMEWORK™ is Strategy Execution’s Project Management Maturity Model. The model is based on the underlying structure of the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). During a ProjectFRAMEWORK assessment, your organisation is assessed on 50 key process areas across nine PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas and will receive a “maturity score” for each. The assessment involves a combination of on-line surveys, selected interviews and reviews of key documentation.

    Upon completion, Strategy Execution provides you with a prioritised list of recommendations to improve performance and help your organisation advance to the next “maturity” level.
  • OPM3® Assessments
    Strategy Execution partners with qualified OPM3/Product Suite assessors to conduct assessments across the domains of Project, Programme and Portfolio Management for your organisation to fill specific knowledge gaps and reinforce knowledge.

Organisational Measurement Solutions


Getting Meaningful Results and ROI

How does an organisation know whether training has been successful? Have the appropriate knowledge and skills been implemented in the workplace, and what is the impact of the training on the business? As with all investments, the results of learning programmes need to be consistently measured, in order to identify their impact and value.

For a learning programme to be successful, organisations should:

  • Identify what learning objectives they would like to achieve in a specific period of time.
  • Consistently benchmark, the individual's skill level and behaviour, before and after the training.
  • Identify individuals' roles and responsibilities in relation to programmes and projects in order to assess how these shift over time.

Strategy Execution helps its clients accomplish all of the above and more. Our enhanced capabilities allow you to measure the effectiveness of learning programmes and identify key areas for change based on your organisational goals.        


Assessments are a vital part of your learning programme – they highlight areas for change and also demonstrate business impact and ROI.

Strategy Execution performs many different types of assessments in order to help you identify, categorise and prioritise current practices and behaviours, analyse gaps and establish baselines for improvement.

Assessments play a critical role in validating and evaluating the effectiveness and content of your learning programme.


Strategy Execution's new post-course evaluation process has been updated to help you assess the effectiveness and relevance of your training.

From the moment the class ends, our new evaluation process enables you to measure the outcome of the training and receive predictive data about the impact of the training upon job and business performance. The data from the course evaluations reveal, with proven accuracy, whether participants will apply the skills and knowledge they've learnt upon returning to the workplace.

This information coupled with our depth analytics, intuitive reports and benchmarking reports, will allow you to accurately track your organisation's progress.