Strengthening Individual Careers

Nobody wants to be a cog in a wheel. If you want the organisation to feel your impact, you need a plan and the knowledge and skills to execute.

Strategy Execution trained over 80,000 project professionals in 2012, and most of them told us their improved skills are having a direct and positive impact on their organisations.

Consider: What if you could produce a 9% reduction on a $1,000,000 budget; or deliver a year- long project one month early (9% ahead of schedule)? Would that put you in a position to take your career to the next level?

Strategy Execution students see results like this every day and we can prove it.

Find out what to say when your manager asks “Why Strategy Execution?”:

What assurance do I have that your training will improve my knowledge and skills, improve my job performance or deliver business results to my organisation?

At Strategy Execution, we’re better and different because we do measure such training outcomes. We can tell you how 50,000 project and contract managers and their managers have answered the same question.

My boss thinks I am already good at project management, so why would I need a class from Strategy Execution?

You have a choice: you can either get even better, or stay the same. It’s likely that you did not achieve your current level of maturity without a commitment to continuous improvement.

And you likely have a next level in mind. Demonstrate initiative, and tell your manager where you want to go and detail the knowledge and skills it will take to get you there. Strategy Execution has assessment tools to help you design a learning path specific to your goals—so you invest not in more than you need, but in exactly what you need.

How are your content, your instructors, and your pre and post event support any different from your competitors?

It’s easy to fixate on one or two things… sometimes it’s instructors, sometimes it’s content, sometimes it’s pre- and post-support, but it’s never really about one thing—it’s about knowing how to use all of them to get to a result. And frankly, that takes resources and experience, and none of Strategy Execution’s competitors come close to matching us in either of these categories.

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