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Strategy Execution’s Approach to Learning Measurement

Metrics that Matter® Overview

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Learning Measurement Solutions

Organisations today are increasingly compelled to justify the business impact of their training budget and the return on training investment (Training ROI) challenge is exacerbated by the difficulty of quantifying the true value of training and measuring the transfer of learning at the workplace.

Calculating Training ROI

Large organisations often invest heavily into comprehensive, meticulously planned training for their talent pool. However, it is critical that leaders of learning and development initiatives take into consideration the following:

Without reliable information on training effectiveness, rash and expensive decisions may continue to be made.

Real-Life Training ROI

Strategy Execution’s work with KnowledgeAdvisors enabled us to develop a summary report of 106,422 evaluation results from a global cross section of commercial industries and government organisations trained by Strategy Execution since 2010. Using the Metrics that Matter® system, we were able to effectively measure return on investment, performance improvement and programme quality results reported by Strategy Execution learners globally.

Key Statistics

Learning Analytics for Optimised Performance

What is Metrics that Matter®

Metrics that Matter® is the market-leading LAS, or learning analytics system, combining a world-class evaluation system with powerful analytic tools to help organisations measure and improve their talent development programs.

How is it different from other learning measurement systems?

Unlike an LMS (learning management system), which is typically more focused on content and transaction processing, the Metrics that Matter® learning analytics system combines data from multiple enterprise systems (including your LMS) with information collected through evaluations and assessments to paint a complete picture of learning and business performance.

The primary focus of Metrics that Matter® is to provide the analytic toolset, including world-class reporting and valuable comparative benchmarks, to empower data-driven decision-making and improve the return on learning investments.

Deeply rooted in scientific research in the learning and performance field, Metrics that Matter® is currently the only learning analytics system to fully automate level 1-5 learning evaluation.

Benefits of using Metrics that Matter®

Find out about your organisation’s learning measurement ROI with this free Metrics that Matter® calculator

Strategy Execution and KnowledgeAdvisors Extend Learning Partnership into Asia Pacific

Strategy Execution  and KnowledgeAdvisors have extended their partnership to provide comprehensive learning measurement solutions and consulting services, including KnowledgeAdvisors’ flagship technology platform Metrics That Matter®, in Asia Pacific.

This partnership will see Strategy Execution integrate KnowledgeAdvisors measurement solutions and consulting services to complement its instructor-led and blended learning programmes, and to enable regional customers to assess and measure the business impact of their human capital initiatives through training ROI. The vision is to enable regional clients greater visibility into their training budget and help them better align learning and development programmes with their corporate strategy.

Read all about the partnership in the News Release here