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In the ever-competitive Oil and Gas industry,
how do you ensure that your capital intensive
projects are well managed?

Effective project management minimises overruns and wasted dollars

The best opportunity to make a positive impact on any capital projects is during the early planning stages; even prior to the capital outlay occurring. In many cases, 80% - 90% of the engineering and procurement cycles are completed during the necessary and robust front-end planning.

However, without sufficient knowledge and skills to account for requirements, risk, stakeholders, communication, cost analysis, and management of process and people in a masterful way, your project teams may experience overruns, delays, wasted time and dollars.

How we can help you
Strategy Execution offers interactive Oil and Gas Project Case Study and exercises that have been woven into several core project management courses to best prepare your team; making what they learn, immediately relevant and transferable to on-the-job skills.

Through our Oil and Gas training courses, students will plan, develop documentation, and master skills that align to the applicable planning and execution stages of an Upgrader Facility Maintenance and Upgrade Turnaround Project.

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Case Study Synopsis used in our Oil and Gas training : (click to expand)

Participants form a mock project team in the fictional world of North Oil Sands Energy Company (NOSEC) and their “Two North” Upgrader Facility Maintenance and Upgrade Turnaround Project.

NOSEC is an independent company engaging in oil sand exploration (20% focus) and production (80% focus). The “Two North” operation includes oil sands mining, crusher facilities, and an Upgrader facility and Power Cogeneration Plant plus supporting services infrastructure.

NOSEC has determined that the necessary expansion to the Upgrader facility, the logged cyclic maintenance and outstanding repairs warrant conducting a Turnaround at not only the Upgrader facility but the Mining Operations and Cogeneration Plant. For the Upgrader Facility Turnaround, the objective duration is 65 days and the objective cost is USD $580 million.

The Pre-execute planning will include both the engineering and procurement required to support the Turnaround – shutdown of the facilities, removal of hydrocarbons and other fluids associated with the equipment scheduled to be maintained, repaired, replaced, or upgraded. The completion of commissioning, reintroduction of hydrocarbons and facility start-up encompass the Execute phase.

Core Project Courses Integrated with the Oil and Gas Training Case Study:
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By Taking These Oil and Gas Training Courses, Project Team Members Will:

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Strategy Execution is a global leader in project-focused training who understands the business challenges within the Oil and Gas environment.

We have assisted industry leaders for over three decades in improving efficiency, success, and their bottom line via customised learning solutions, and are proud to have worked with British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Halliburton, Hatch, Schlumberger and many more.

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