Training Solutions

Project Management

Core Project Management Courses

Strategy Execution’s Core project management courses are perfect for professionals who are just starting out in project management or are looking to consolidate and formalise what they have already learnt. These courses cover all the areas you need to start running your own successful projects, and provide an invaluable base upon which to build. They provide the cornerstone for all of Strategy Execution's Elective and Advanced project management courses.

Elective Project Management Courses

Our Elective courses provide project professionals with the skills and knowledge that complement their core training. These courses come equipped with essential tools for the aspiring PM to become an expert in all areas of project management.

Advanced Project Management Courses

As your career develops in project management, you will undoubtedly be taking on more sophisticated and complex projects. Advanced project managers are responsible not just for single projects, but for multiple projects and programmes as well. Strategy Execution's advanced courses equip you with the specialised skills you will require to deliver on these challenging requirements.

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