Training Solutions

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom takes the flexibility and convenience of an online and e-Training format and combines it with the interactivity and immediacy of traditional classroom courses. With this new and highly interactive delivery format - you can train in a group from the convenience of your own office - in real time!

How does the Virtual Classroom work?


The instructor and participants communicate instantly via microphone and text-chat.

Interactive Tools

Participants stay engaged with a range of interactive learning aids. Polling questions, surveys, quiz questions and games spark discussion and reinforce key learning points while mark-up tools and whiteboards allow participants to brainstorm and share their experiences.

Breakout Rooms

During most modules, participants are divided into virtual breakout rooms to collaboratively solve case studies and complete exercises, much like they would in the traditional classroom. Each group can discuss, capture solutions on the screen and save their work to share with the class later.

Offline Homework

Participants complete homework assignments and exercises outside of the classroom to help them further retain and apply new information and prepare for the final exam.


During and after the course, participants can access valuable tools, templates, readings, reference material, and homework assignments. Also, after the course, participants can listen to recorded modules to review information.

What are the benefits of the Virtual Classroom?

Flexible learning

Virtual training is flexible and convenient and can happen in any location where there is access to the internet. A key benefit for students and employers is the ability to schedule courses for part of the day only. This allows students to remain in the office, giving them time to work on other projects.

Big cost savings

This is cited as one of the top benefits of the virtual classroom! The virtual classroom allows you to network and interact with the instructor and other students, without having to pay travel and hotel costs.

Doesn't impact on business performance

Shorter virtual training days combined with the fact that you can train from the comfort of your own office, means that you are still able to focus on your work.

Increased interaction and retention

In the virtual environment, there is actually more interaction amongst the students and the instructor. The trainer is constantly asking you questions, taking polls and doing quick Q&A's. You are constantly asking each other questions and engaging with each other much more than you would in a traditional classroom environment. Because you are constantly interacting, you are much less likely to "zone out".

Bringing your team together

This type of training is fantastic for companies with globally dispersed project teams. You can train your team together from anywhere in the world – exactly as if they were physically in one classroom.

Helping you work towards professional accreditation

Professional Development Units (PDUs) can be earned by attending any Strategy Execution Virtual Classroom course and our classes are aligned with the latest industry standards, allowing you to earn recognised credentials to enhance your career.